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 December's update.

With the holidays upon us sales have been crazy good, much better than expected. As a matter of fact, I sold out of Golden/ delicate syrup and Amber/rich is getting low,  which is rather embarrassing but it's a good problem to have. It's difficult predicting sales for the year in May, but I will make sure not to run out next year.

The sugarhouse addition is complete enough to use with just a few minor details to finish in the spring. I can't wait to use all the new space. Almost everything is under cover now, no tank and lines to unbury under 3 feet of snow, no lines to thaw out, should be a time saver. I will post photos if your interested in that project.

Tapping will start in about a month, it's coming fast but we'll be ready!

I am working on a promo video for Covered bridge maple and hope to have it posted to this site and youtube before Feb.