Excellence, in maple products

 Today is Feb 3rd and there is excitement in the air, we are starting to tap! Temps are near 0 degrees, so we plan on starting around 10 AM when it warms up a little.  It usually  takes us 3 weeks or so to tap, that sounds slow, but consider we work full time and tap on weekends. Snow depths are at about a foot, of hard packed snow, so we should be able to move quickly from tree to tree. No snow shoes needed so far! we are hoping for minimal snow fall until we get tapped. Todays tapping team (of about 8) includes friends and family, so it should be a lot of fun. We hope to get 2000 tapped by the end of the weekend, that would be a great start. Click on the link in the video section (on the header page) to see a short video of us tapping.
  The sugar house renovation project is on hold for now. We tore down the old tank room and did a lot of cement work prepping for the spring build.