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Maple syrup Energy Booster Kit

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Find out why more and more athletes are using maple syrup as an energy booster. Our convenient refillable pouches make it easy and cheap for the average person to perform at their max. Kit comes with (2) 3.4 oz. reusable pouches, 1 funnel and 1 qt. of VT's finest Organic Maple syrup.

I've used maple syrup for many years as an energy booster. These new travel pouches have made it easier, cleaner, not to mention cheaper. I hate the thought of using an "energy drink" that stuff is horrible for you, that's why I use maple syrup as an energy booster. Maple syrup is a simple sugar so it's much easier for your body to process, giving you a more even energy boost without a "crash". Marathon runners, mountain bikers, skiers, hunters no matter what your sport is, you can benefit from the  energy boost that pure maple syrup will give you and not worry about what it's doing to your body!