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1 or 2 lbs. pure Maple sugar. We take our very own maple syrup and boil it until it reaches 262 Degrees. We then stir it until it solidifies and then we sift it to the desired size. It is 100% pure nothing is added except a lot of work! Give it a try you'll be glad you did. Taken from WebMD: Maple sugar is a natural sweetener from maple trees native to Canada and the Northeastern United States. It’s made from boiling the tree’s sap reducing its water content until it’s a solid sugar — a technique first discovered by Native Americans. Maple sugar can be used as a replacement for other sugar products like white or brown sugar. It’s also naturally sweeter meaning you can use less of it for the same effect in the kitchen. Along with its sweetness maple sugar often adds a caramel and nutty flavor to dishes — similar to maple syrup’s signature taste. It also contains minerals and antioxidants and research suggests these may offer health benefits over other sweeteners. Consuming any sugar in high amounts is linked with health issues and chronic disease however. Follow your doctor’s recommendation for sugar in your diet and eat it in moderation to help avoid these risks.

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