Maple Syrup - 8.5 oz Decorative Glass Bottle

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These beautiful 8.5 oz. glass bottles look great on any table. The Maple farm is located in the rolling hills of Barton VT. We are located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont our area is well known for producing high quality syrup and maple products. Our farm is family owned and operated and we are certified "Organic " by NOFA Northeast Organic Farmers Association . The farm consisits of nearly 10 000 taps and we produce some 4 000 gal. of maple syrup each spring. We use stainless steel barrels for storage until we are ready to process into a final product. We save our very best syrup for our retail customers and use the syrup with the lowest invert sugars to produce our maple confections. Low invert sugars allow us to produce a product that is less grainy and has a smoother texture. Insist on the best we do!

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