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Our Farm
Our sugar place can be found in the rolling hills of Barton VT. It features an old sugar house and covered bridge making it a picturesque scene, especially in the fall. At just 100 acres it is not a big farm, but one that is well managed and cared for. We consider ourselves very fortunate and try to be good stewards of the land. We manage our property not only for syrup production, but for wildlife as well. It is not unusual to see deer or turkeys on any given day. Keeping a balanced ecosystem is always on our minds and it reflects in our logging and management practices. 
  The Fortin family has been involved in Maple sugaring for four generations, starting with Grandpa Louis in the early 1900’s. The family’s dairy farm had a nice 1,000 tap sugar bush located in Derby line, VT. The syrup provided the family with much needed income to assist in managing the farm and 9 kids!
  Grandpa Louis did not enjoy boiling the sap, he preferred to work with his team of horses and gathered the sap, so he left the boiling to the oldest boys, my father Lucien was second oldest, so he did a lot of it. Eventually, one of the other sons, Robert, bought the family farm and continued sugaring for many years. As youngsters, my brother Marcel and myself (Gerald) would often help our uncle gather the sap, as we learned about the whole process. The two of us started tapping our own trees in 1989 and with the help of our families it has grown to what it is today. 

The sugaring operation
 Over the years we have grown our maple operation. Starting in the late 80’s with approx. 50 buckets, to today’s operation of about 8,000 taps all on pipeline (plastic tubing) system. That may sound like a lot, but we are considered a “small” producer by todays standards.
  We boil on a 6' by 16' wood fired arch, which is very in-efficient. As an example, our first year, at our new location in 2012, we burned 80 cords of wood and produced 900 gal. of syrup. In 2013 we invested in a (RO) reverse osmosis machine, which removes vast quantities of water, and have cut down our wood consumption by 75%. In 2017 we consumed 40 cords of wood and made 3500 gal of syrup, quite a difference! The RO has saved us not only wood, but has cut down on boiling time and emissions. Conserving energy and time is always a priority.
We produce approx. 3500 gal of bulk syrup per season and it is certified "Organic"  through NOFA-VT certificate #16024
 All our products, such as candies and cream, are made with 100% pure maple syrup, no additives, no corn syrup etc..our customers deserve nothing less! 

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